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Literally die in a fire. What did I expect? In a game of this scope, which allows players to create an avatar and includes romance options, it only seems right that players can retain their real-life sexuality, or experiment a little.

The other post was meant to be funny. Fit nude women videos. Thanks for help peeps. Swtor lesbian marriage. Yes, obviously this is a strong argument for doing it right the first time. He did go on to say "And as I've heard it, common usage is no different".

Maybe you haven't played a lot of MMOs in their early developments cycles, but a major content expansion after a year is not slow, neither is all the content they've already added. As I said, people don't use it any other way I'm aware of. It's dangerously close to saying: They failed to deliver. It's a little over a year old and we're talking about getting a new planet and level cap increase. Lana knows how to make the time pass more agreeably. Chelsea handler nude pictures. Some games and game marketing materials embrace this approach wholeheartedly, not just in cinematics but in playable game elements too.

That's the one where everyone who helps kill a monster gets their own loot, yes? Plus it loses its novelty VERY quickly. Being gay is a big deal for people who are gay because it is something they have to be aware of every day. How about we have some sex to take our minds off it? Not, I'm guessing, ones as good as the current romances, though we shall see, and I await reviews, but ones nonetheless, and that does indicate that they are willing to offend the haters, and follow the prevailing social trend in the US.

I don't think they intended to create a "gay ghetto". However, you can't currently romance your same-sex companions. Zakuul rises quickly, wreaking havoc in its wake. All our stuff and things home about advertise hey, developers! When Lana met Viri, or how two demisexual, bisexual Sith Lords with an intense connection finally found each other. They also have a problem in that, while the voice acting is awesome and sets the MMO apart in a very good way in my opinion and I appreciate isn't popular with lots of other peopleit's also a huge inbuilt cost that acts as a giant drag on further development, which has been exacerbated by the under performance of the game in relation to it's purportedly very high development costs.

Looks like that is never happening. People would be offended no matter what; people are like that. Log in or sign up in seconds. Stop bitching about downvotes.

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On my full Dread Guard geared healer SorcererI had no issues with any of the missions and chewed through mobs like butter.

Because if you get your peepee or lala contaminates with cooties, you start shooting lightning out of your fingers and murdering kindergartens. It's actually interesting that this conversation is coming up around the same time that George Takei mentions today http: Of all romances in the game, his felt real to me, probably because the emotional context was brutal. Lauren stoner nude. I have just never cared about nosing into peoples personal lives. Swtor lesbian marriage. It's every female zombie in Dead Rising wearing a bikini.

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I'm sure they were actually tolerant, but just not accepting, amirite? The homophobes get to be offended and outraged, because they don't actually need to access the content for that, but anyone who is actually interested in the gay romances has to pay money if he or she wants access to them.

Futhermore I think it speaks volumes about a person that they'd let their kids play a game where you can torture people, but they're willing to ban the game only when they add optional content that Little Johnny won't access unless he specifically wants to. Omg, that is the best analogy ever! I still remember there's a lot of sweet moments that get triggered if you're in a relationship with him. Still, shit frosting ruins the cake, no matter how nice the cake is under it. It's worse if you're not straight.

And with profoundly more advanced underlying technology designed around things like expansions and updates of existing content. I never win that roll. Big mexican milf. His romance goes from that antagonistic beginning to, I think, one with the most depth and life.

Quinn isn't even my marauder's lover and she wants to throw him out the airlock. Yes he was all sorts of creepy at the start but once you shut him down a couple times he cleans up some. I don't think so, and there is a reason why not Disney is throwing me off here, as I'm trying to follow the conversation. At the moment the only same sex romances available are attached to RotHC and are tied to quests.

That being said, once my main Hero met Koth, she left her doctor for the soldier. And I'm waiting for Arcann romance to be fully realized. I can understand that idea. I found a lot of the male companions little more than comic relief. At least some of these characters will be open to the idea of same gender romances. Of course there's some awkward execution from time to time, that shit just happens, it's not perfect. Naked photos of celebrity women. So, being a goblin and preferring a rather uncomplicated method to deal with such personal conflicts, you kill them both.

In other stories on other planets and other characters they might be the other way around or not there at all.

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This is clearly only pandering and not at all in keeping with the history of the company. Milf high heel. I am guessing no though. I think you have to go to a specific, new planet to find your new companion for such things? On freshly created characters, Kira could be straight, gay or bi… depending on how the player chooses to direct and interpret the story. Swtor lesbian marriage. Women dressed nude Disney also owns Marvel, and there are tons of gay super heroes. It's an attitude like yours that has changed my mind from "I don't care" to "stfu snowflake".

Seriosuly I was thinking I may have bought the expansion, but not if this goes in. They didn't want to alter the existing characters as written companions or existing NPC's you can flirt withbut they wanted to put something in.

While for the male characters Suddenly you'd have to include options for male-male romances AND female-female ones in addition to the existing romance choices. There might be some random NPCs I don't remember, but this should be pretty much it.


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