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Food Stamps instead of bread lines is the only difference from where we are today compared to His negotiations with Iran are treasonist. Big tits have sex. There is a common thread that runs thru conservatives and tea party people seems like that is this unfounded fear of Muslims.

Along the way I also learned peas have no brains and the human brain weighs 3 lb. Megyn kelly lesbian. James I am in the same boat as you.

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He was an Independent until he had to change his registration to Republican because he is definitely a conservative and wants to run for President. This is my country of birth you are nobody to tell anyone where to go live.

Your president touts the great wisdom of muslims and their great contribution to Americas greatness. So, after reading your post—get off the booze and do something in your realm that is productive rather than showing your ignorance. She lost her father at the age of 15 because of a heart attack. George Soros is the puppet master! Karma is a Bitch, if you are. We will learn how to set up foundations to bilk the poor and steal from taxpayers.

Free to live our lives as we see fit. There is no fun in watching folks who agree with u. Lesbian cum photos. April 14, at 5: Hope your 4th was as good as mine, Imao! Typical non-response from a liberal mind. The only reason we got out of that depression at all is because of World War II and cheap gasoline. If you recently joined and are awaiting activation or have any difficulty signing up, please take a second to contact us with a nudge.

You, gave it up! What could be lower than covering up lies with allegations of lesbian sex. Definitely one of the hottest women out there. Are you fcuking kidding me? They have brought homosexuality out of the closet and into our faces. Nice to see there are still some people with brains out there!

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They have always said Fair and Balanced. Your Muslim messiahBarry Soetoro appreciates your blind allegience to his Fundamental change of america. Blonde milf clips. I know, i was in it 25 years before I escaped. Debating with you is like screaming at a pile of poo poo. I like Ben Carson too, but he is against the 2nd Amendment, only thing that worries me about him.

There are many Muslim communities who are pressing for Shariah law. It does nothing to teach anyone to be self sufficient but tells you the government will cover you cradle to grave. Jews will use Hispanics Mexicans and Black as slave and war killers.

Gina Diane Garcia says: I read an interesting study regarding scientist. Megyn kelly lesbian. Yep, Fox does have some of the best looking, and smartest Women in all of news. Find Moving Container Services. Lana nordin naked. Folks who watch no news were rated more informed than Fox viewers. For some reason when one wants to degrade another person, they always refer to them as being like a Southern hillbilly. A lot, or It would not have happened. If you really want to disable all recommended stories, click on OK button.

They have ruined this country right along with their bossman. Then why not go elsewhere?

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He put himself in a man, walked this earth and suffered as we do and even more. We could easily wind up with Shariah law. A thoughtful, calculated and respectful response is a great weapon.

The left teaches us to obey to a false god called state. Naked black women in high heels. As with all men that God has chosen to lead in times of crisis, Donald Trump is an imperfect man but he is the Man that God has chosen now in our time of crisis. Change should be made as needed, period.

Everyone on Obama care loves it. Even now the first amendment is being trampled on. I ask you because it appears to me you sound like the right wing extremists of the likes of Limbaugh, Hannity or a Michael Savage.

There are places to be educated that do not have as much of a social engineering bias but you have to search a little and not be swayed by a sales pitch.


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